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How is the EziSmart different from other senior phones?

Basic senior phones have functions similar to the feature phones (pre-smartphones). These senior phones basically provide larger text and larger buttons and not much more. Some will have a dedicated button for making emergency calls.

Some other senior phones use low performance, low cost smartphones with a modified Android OS.

EziSmart uses a standard android smartphone available commercially. The smartphone is not modified and as such it follows the standard android system allowing upgrades which are fairly often. The idea of EziSmart is to leverage on the commercial products with all the benefits which comes with it. These are many and examples are: support by service providers, they standard operating system and user interface are generally understood by most people, so relatives and buddies can help in providing usage guidance and problem solving, gives a choice of phones and performance, etc.

In addition, EziSmart provides accessibility for people with problems using the touch screen. EziSmart is heavily focused on ease of use and safety and security functions. It has features that cover a wide number of user groups.