The concept of EziSmart is based on integrating an easy to use tactile keypad to a standard smartphone of good quality and performance. The integrated unit provides users with an alternative to the touch screen and enhancing the usability for people who are otherwise excluded. The keypad can also be used in combination with the touch screen for those who so wishes.

The inclusion of a set of EziSmart applications (EziSmart Android App) together with the keypad (Ezi-PAD) further strengthens the ease of use.

The smartphone shall provide intelligent functionality either in the foreground or background with minimum user intervention once the application is set up. In other words, to bring smart solutions to people who otherwise are technology abhorrent and because of that are excluded from the benefits inherent in mobile IT.

The EziSmart apps are applicable to able bodied users as for people with particular fine motor handicaps who would otherwise “make-do” with inferior products which do not offer the same assess to the currently huge plethora of applications and social media benefits available.

The approach of using a standard commercial product as the basis allows the user to leverage on the support, offers, price advantages and contract types offered by the service provider. In addition upgrades are supported by the smartphone manufacturer.