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Smartphone for your loved ones – Not using? Losing out on the benefits?

You can have good contacts with your loved ones if only they are also using the smartphone. EziSmart makes the smartphone so much simpler to use. It allows you to grow with usage.

The EziSmart app has a simple launcher that suits all comfort levels. It has safety and security functions too.

Doctors have known for some time that isolation and loneliness are harmful for the elderly. It leads to depression, stress and anxiety.

The answer is: Warm Hands, Warm Heart and Warm Companionship. In the absence of this person to person interaction, the smartphone is a good stand-in with its many communications platforms. The smartphone as a welfare technology tool is spreading. In addition, the smartphone’s plethora of apps can provide care, entertainment, assistive tools, video face to face communications, etc. Why not have it all?

We have parents, grandparents, loved ones or buddies who may be lonely and isolated. The ravages of aging are harsh and illnesses can further impact the quality of life. Some are daunted by complicated technology and some are simply excluded because of degenerating physical capabilities and cognitive issues. How much do we care?

The EziSmart App helps. It has a very simple launcher that can be changed by the user as he/she gets more familiar with the smartphone. Included are safety and security features such as SOS alert, rapid access to ICE  (In Case of Emergency) personal medical log and GPS location functions. The easily activated GPS safety and security functions when enabled, works in the background with no further intervention – giving peace of mind. Do we care enough to look into this?

Easy on the budget. The App gives you a great choice of android phones. Have choices non-discriminatory! Choose from last year’s models at reduced prices, choose budget phones, use refurbished ones or recycle your phones. What can be cheaper to join the rest of the family?



And for all those who cannot use the virtual screen keyboard or especially for habitual users who no longer cope with the on screen keyboard for whatever reasons, we have Ezi-PAD a full alphanumeric ergonomically designed keyboard. It has been tested by people:

  • With Parkinsons
  • With very poor eyesight
  • With poor fine motor function
  • Who has never used smartphones

And people with just plain large fingers or zombie fingers. Do you have that?


We are only too glad to help. Ask us or tell us how. No questions too trivial.

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We are participating at the Naidex (43) exhibition NEC, Birmingham, England. Learn more about EziSmart from Richard Chan.

EziCare Tech at #Naidex43

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