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Smartphone benefits

The EziSmart focus is on including people who are excluded from the smartphone world. The knock-on effect is to enjoy the benefits the smartphone brings. It consists of an app and a casing (Ezi-PAD) with an integrated keyboard. The EziSmart app makes the smartphone very simple to use. It has a flexible all-in-one launcher with built in safety and security features. It is a learning tool for people daunted by the complexities of the standard smartphone.

The Ezi-PAD provides alternative access to the smartphone. It allows people with poor motor skills to use the smartphone.

The EziSmart app can be used with android phones with OS 4.3 upwards. The Ezi-PAD has currently 3 housings for: Samsung Galaxy S4, A3 and S6. New models being evaluated.

Use the EziSmart app and the Ezi-PAD on their own or in combination.




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