Ezi-PAD is an ergonomically designed, multi-language flip keypad with a receptacle to house the smartphone.

Ezi-PAD is designed to:
  1. Provide an alternative means of input other than the touch screen
  2. Make the smartphone easy to use
  3. Provide familiarity by using retro, time tested navigation buttons
  4. Provide an easy means of always returning to a familiar starting screen
  5. Provide added security with a rapid SOS alert generator


Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) are supported. 

The Ezi-PAD together with the EziSmart Android App is aimed at providing equitable access to the smartphone for people who have problems with the complexities of the smartphone and/or have problems with access using the touch screen.

The user is provided with a choice of using the smartphone's touch navigation and text input via the screen of the smartphone or via the Ezi-PAD keypad or a combination of both.

The keypad is designed based on the familiar T9 keypad used in feature phones, ATM machines, TV remote controls. It has some ease of use functions as derived from the feature phones. This provides a good migration path from the feature phone to smart phone.

The multi-language keypad currently supports English, German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

The design does not stop at the keypad. The Ezi-PAD comes with a charging dock for ease of use and to have a place where the smartphone can be located when not in use. No more fumbling with cables and tiny connectors when charging is required!