Basic senior phones have functions similar to the feature phones (pre-smartphones). These senior phones basically provide larger text and larger buttons and not much more. Some will have a dedicated button for making emergency calls.

Some other senior phones use low performance, low cost smartphones with a modified Android OS.

EziSmart uses a standard android smartphone available commercially. The smartphone is not modified and as such it follows the standard android system allowing upgrades which are fairly often. The idea of EziSmart is to leverage on the commercial products with all the benefits which comes with it. These are many and examples are: support by service providers, they standard operating system and user interface are generally understood by most people, so relatives and buddies can help in providing usage guidance and problem solving, gives a choice of phones and performance, etc.

In addition, EziSmart provides accessibility for people with problems using the touch screen. EziSmart is heavily focused on ease of use and safety and security functions. It has features that cover a wide number of user groups.


When the cover is closed, the dimensions are approximately 160 x 75 x 18mm.
Weight: The Ezi-PAD weighs approximately 90 grams.

The standby time is 4 days.

The Ezi-PAD is made up of ABS plastic. Whilst it provides some form of protection for the screen, a drop on hard flooring will cause damage.

The concave alphanumeric keys are 18 x 81 mm which is typically 1 to 2 mm bigger than the standard keys on a PC or Mac depending upon the model.

Initially the Ezi-PAD will have variants to work with: Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy J3 – 2016 model. On popular demand, variants can be easily made to cater for required models.

We offer a one year warranty from the date you receive your Ezi-PAD. We will replace your Ezi-PAD in the event of any malfunctions. However, the warranty will not cover any loss or theft claims or wrong usage or wrong handling or damages caused by negligence.

Our manufacturing is in China and we will be shipping our devices from there.

The Ezi-PAD has a patent pending and one approved patent.

EziSmart App

ICE is short for In Case of Emergency. It is equivalent to a data file on yourself containing all your relevant information for paramedics to start treatment.

No it is not encrypted but it is password protected.

ICE information consists of:

    Doctor’s contact information
    Critical Information if you have: Asthma, Cancer, Cardiovascular, COPD, Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Immune Deficiency, or is an Organ Transplant Patient
    Normal Medications
    Emergency Medications
    Immunizations and vaccinations
    Previous Hospitalization
    Past Medications
    Other illnesses, conditions and treatment
    Health insurance details
    Blood Type
    Normal Resting Heart Rate
    Dietary Preferences
    Photo library of your medication

There are 4 pre-selectable SOS actions:

    Voice Call only
    SMS Only
    Voice Call followed by SMS
    SMS followed by Voice Call

Voice Call Only

You can pre-select a contact from your Phone Book to call when SOS is activated. You can specify the number of times that Ezi-SOS should retry if the voice call is not answered.

Note: To avoid false indication of a successful call, ensure that the contact’s number will not be rerouted to a voice mail or voice announcement service for unanswered calls.

SMS Only

You can pre-select up to 3 contacts from your phone Book. When SOS is activated, Ezi-SOS will automatically SMS these contacts with your name, message as well as the phone’s current location (GPS) as a Google Map web link (your Phone’s GPS feature to enable GPS positioning must be turned ON.

Voice Call followed by SMS

Selection of contact to call as in Voice Call Only and selection of SMS recipients as for SMS Only.

When the SOS is activated, a voice call is made first and if there is no answer after the number of pre-programmed retries is made, an SMS will be sent to the pre-selected SMS recipients. The SOS then terminates after the SMS has been sent.

SMS followed by Voice Call

Selection of SMS recipients as for SMS Only and selection of contact to call as in Voice Call Only.

When the SOS is activated, a SMS is sent to the pre-selected SMS recipients. Ezi-SOS then waits for a responding call back from one of the recipients. If no call back is received after a pre-selected time out period a second SMS will be sent. If there is no response to the second SMS Ezi-SOS will generate a voice call to the pre-selected contact. The SOS then terminates.

In the event that one of the SMS recipient respond with a voice call the SOS will terminate and a SMS is sent to the other pre-selected SMS recipient(s) informing them of the person who had responded with a call back.

The user can select that a voice call response is not required after the SMS has been sent. In this case Ezi-SOS will go directly to making the voice call.

When the user answers the call from one of the SMS recipients, the speaker will be set to ON automatically.

Activation of the SOS can be done on screen or by the SOS button on the cover. To activate the pre-selected action (1 of 4) press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds until the phone vibrates. The vibration indicates the activation of SOS alert.


EziGPS can be pre-programmed to allow a remote party to ask for the phone’s position via a keyword embedded in a SMS message. It can also be pre-programmed to make the phone send its position periodically to another party or parties. The parties must be pre-selected by the user.


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