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Excluded from smartphones

You have buddies and/or loved ones excluded from the benefits of the smartphone. You do not communicate with them like you do with your network. You can bring inclusion with EziSmart.

They are/may be:

Struggling with cognitive issues?

Daunted by smartphone complexities?

Budget an issue?

EziSmart app – Tested by users with…

  • Parkinson
  • Severe vision impairment
  • People with cognitive issues
  • Essential tremors
  • Fear of technology & complexities

The EziSmart app makes the operation of the smartphone easy and allows the user free choice of android phones with operating systems from version OS 4.3 and above. EziSmart not only helps the user in the use of the smartphone it has built-in safety and security features working in the background.


For the budget conscious, use budget phones, refurbished phones or hand-me downs.

The EziSmart app can be used as an app or it can be run overlaid above the phone’s native Home screen.

The user access the EziSmart features using an All-In-One User Interface, see Figure 1. There is a choice of 3 formats of start screens depending upon the user’s skill set, dexterity, vision or comfort level. The progressive formats allow the user to advance at his/her own pace.


Figure 1 – Start with 1 of 3 formats


The basic functions of calling, SMS messaging and emailing becomes extremely easy, Figure 2.


Figure 2 – Call, SMS and email made easy


It is budget conscious. A good alternative is the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) priced between US$100 to 150. Add the EziSmart app at US$3.90 (special introductory price) and get on the smartphone band wagon. We have even made a step by step manual for those who want more information and those who care to read.

Get the EziSmart app at:

Get the manual at:

For more information:



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