The EziSmart Android App is divided into three groups:

1. User Friendly Launcher
2. Emergency Features
3. Security Capabilities

The User Friendly Launcher comprises of EziLaunch, EziPage and EziSwitch.

EziLaunch is the start screen. It provides ease of use in making calls, messaging and email using a pictorial directory. EziLaunch also provides an app organiser function for 5 apps, rapid SOS alert generation and access to ICE (In Case of Emergency) personal data. From the EziLaunch screen all the other features can be accessed.

EziPage is an app organiser for 60 favourite apps. EziPage is easy to set up without using drag and drop which can be a problem for some users. Simple tapping action is used to select the required app that is to be added to the page. EziPage becomes a familiar collection of apps for quick access.

EziSwitch is a rapid home screen switcher. It lets you change to the Android stock home screen in 2 taps. It's as easy to switch back to EziLaunch! No more frustrations!
The Emergency Features comprises of Ezi-SOS and Ezi-ICE.

Ezi-SOS or priority call generation is for rapid initiation of SMS and/or calls to predefined numbers to give an alert that assistance is required. When SMS is sent on initiation of an alert, the GPS position data is automatically inserted in the SMS as a URL link for Google maps. Ezi-SOS is also integrated onto the Ezi-PAD cover for direct and rapid access.

Ezi-ICE is the user’s personal medical log. It can be used in an emergency situation for paramedics to retrieve the user’s medical information to provide immediate treatment. The user can also use this as a reference file for retrieving valuable information when so required for communicating with care-givers, pharmacies and contracted Health Insurance Company or service centres.
The Security Capabilities comprises of EziGPS and EziSendGPS.

EziGPS allows pre-selected persons to remotely interrogate the phone’s GPS position via SMS. In addition, it allows the user to pre-program automatic sending of the phone’s GPS position to 3 pre-selected contacts. This is helpful in finding people with early dementia, keeping an eye on people venturing into harsh terrains and generally locating people.

EziSendGPS allows the user to send GPS position to a third-party on demand. Use it to share your location for meet ups, assistance or simply to tell your carer, buddy or family that you are safely home.
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